Hot Moves No Pressure 2022 went off like a frog in a sock
A huge thank you to those who danced, watched and contributed to our dancey-dance bonanza. A space was created where we all felt ok letting inner selves out, shaking our shit and celebrated being a bunch of magnificent dags that can have a good laugh at and with ourselves.

The dancers
To the over 100 dancers, without you, we are nothing. You brought the NRG, the commitment, the laughs, the-off-the-charts costumes, the bonkers. We were in awe.

What a venue. Thanks Tim and co for creating the exact vibe we were looking for. Thanks for agreeing to do it all again in 2023, but with MORE PEOPLE plus added disco ball and lasers.

DJ Edd Selectah
Dancing without music is like swimming without water. Thanks for your spinning of the MP3s like no other. Mwoah.

Madame of Ceremonies RazzBerry
To our host with the most! Thank you for bringing the vibes, keeping us all in line, for rallying the crowd. But most importantly for your genuine warmth, enthusiasm and all round greatness. 

Penny Ryan Photography
Thanks Pen for your amazeballs images. Now we have a record of the night to remember our past glories. Gosh you’re great.

Mount Alexander Shire Council
Thanks for the event grant funding to help get this event up.

The Falcons
The Mt Alexander Falcons were our special warm up gang. Naturally they warmed our bodies and our hearts. Carn the Falcs!

Above: Mt Alexander Falcons 

>> Watch The Smokin Dollies in action

>> Watch The Nudibranch Crew in action

>> Watch The Maine Rollers in action

>> Watch Pat, Ben & Tara in action

>> Watch the Super Queeros in action

>> Watch The Rural Hot Bitches in action

>> Watch Hotter than Uranus in action

>> Watch The Faffs in action

>> Watch Umo Go in action

Lady Fun Times opened the night for us with a quartet of mini dance battles

Even though this night was created by dancers for dancers, having an audience there too was a lot of fun. Sorry to all thos epunters who missed out on a ticket. We’re increasing audience capacity in 2023.

>> Watch The Audience in action