Hot Moves No Pressure 2024

Saturday 20th July, 2024!

It’s your chance to ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ when, for one song, and one night only, all eyes are on you.

Hot Moves No Pressure (HMNP) is a community dance extravaganza where anyone can take the lead. Think sequins, think kitsch, think rock eisteddfod. Channel ‘80s power ballads, dreamy double denim and the hottest moves this side of the Calder.

It’s time to gather a group of dancers, choose your song and get choreographing. HMNP 2024 is here, baby!

HMNP is an inclusive, affirmative event, celebrating people of all genders, all abilities, and all bodies.

The HMNP Story

The inaugural event in 2022 was born out of a love for dance and the need for social and community connection in an otherwise bleak, long and eventless Castlemaine winter.

The founders, a group of (amateur but ever so enthusiastic) dancers wanted to throw a party. A really fun, inclusive and welcoming party where dance takes centre stage. Where pressure was out and hot moves were in. Where joy, encouragement and laughter reverberate around the room.


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Reviews for HMNP 2023

‘Just the opportunity to be part of it and the fact that ANYBODY can be part of it.’


‘We loved the build up to the event because it brought us together regularly. The chance to share this beautiful creation with a wider community was grouse!’


‘The performances were so good, but the crowd was electric’


‘The backstage, the battles, the organisers, the dj, crowd and general vibe that everyone wanted everyone to succeed!’